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Help 50 Teens in Niger w/ Quality Formal Education


Titre : Help 50 Teens in Niger w/ Quality Formal Education

Pays : Niger

Date : 2011-11-23 // 2015-03-06

International Academy of Niamey (IAN) - NIGER Republic - is a non-profit middle and high school that has been operating since July 25, 2011. The school currently enrolled four 7th graders and five 8th graders. Out of the nine students, seven are on 50% scholarship and two on 100% scholarship. Additionally, all nine students received all school supplies free of charge. IAN emphases on exploring reading, writing, math, science, humanities, arts and technology.

Niger Republic is among countries with the lowest literacy rate - 10% to be exact. While access to quality education in the capital city, Niamey, remains the main problem, lack of school suppliers by both teachers and students has made the issue even more challenging. Parents have to make tough choices between sending their kids to school or putting foods on the table. Some parents have to decide which child out of many should attend middle school. Often times, boys are selected over girls.

International Academy of Niamey (IAN) is tackling both issues by providing free quality education and free school supplies to its students. AIN is also improving learning conditions through extensive tutoring program and smaller and temperature controlled classrooms. We hire some of the best and the most experience teachers that understand the root causes of the education problems and how to tackle these problems. IAN also makes technology and the English language a cornerstone of its program.

The objective is to enroll fifty (50) students in 2012-2013 academic year. One of our main goals is to increase literacy rate amongst girls. International Academy of Niamey operates as a preliminary college/ secondary education program to provide the access, knowledge and preparation for the comprehensive college curriculum Africa International University (AIU), will offer. Within five years, these students, amongst many other qualified candidates, will become official college students of AIU.

Organization Information : Africa International University (AIU) Foundation, Inc

Budget : €7,543

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