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Treat Malnutrition with Plumpy’nut® in Niger


Titre : Treat Malnutrition with Plumpy’nut® in Niger

Pays : Niger

Date : 2010-12-22 //2011-08-30

This project provides revolutionary, nutrient-rich Plumpy’nut® to children in Niger and saves the lives of children suffering from the worst form of malnutrition.

This year Niger is facing one of the gravest food and nutrition crises of its history. Due to drought, massive loss of crops and livestock have contributed to 17% of children under five suffering from acute malnutrition requiring immediate treatment. Plumpy’nut® is the most effective way to treat malnutrition. A peanut paste packed with calories and nutrients, and transforms a child in a matter of weeks. This project will supply Plumpy’nut® during this critical time.

Plumpy’nut® provides the calories and micronutrients that a starving child needs. This means more children will survive, and ultimately recover, gain weight, build stronger immune systems, and have healthy futures.

During a crisis such as this one it is vital to reach children as soon as possible. We have a small window of opportunity to ensure that children not only survive but are able to grow to their full potential.

Organization Information : Edesia, Inc.

Budget : €28,119

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