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Fight child hunger in Niger


Titre : Fight child hunger in Niger

Pays : Niger

Date : 2005-08-03 // 2009-12-03

The World Food Program (WFP) works to provide food to more than 3 million people, three-quarters of them children, in Niger – considered the world’s least developed country.

The World Food Program provides food for 3.3 million of the most vulnerable people in Niger. In a country where 70% of the population lives under the poverty line, and over 80% rely on subsistence farming and cattle raising, crushing poverty and crippling debt continue to undermine the ability of rural families to fend for themselves. WFP feeds malnourished children and their families but also runs food for work and food for training activities for households.

This project will provide food assistance to the most vulnerable members of the population, mainly children suffering from severe malnutrition, and help restore the government’s and families’ abilities to cope with environmental and market shocks.

This operation will combat child malnutrition, assist the poor to rebuild their livelihoods, and strengthen peoples’ and the government’s ability to respond to hunger crises.

Organization Information : World Food Program USA

Budget : €35,092

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