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Providing Access to Water for Families in Niger


Titre : Providing Access to Water for Families in Niger

Pays : Niger

Date : 2006-05-09 // 2010-07-14

The lack of permanent water sources in drought-afflicted Niger is significantly affecting health and livelihoods. Relief International will help build local wells and maintain water supplies.

In a country that suffers drought every year, the lack of water sources affects people’s health and livelihoods. Most wells service more than 25,000 people ! Due to so many users, the well quickly dries up, forcing people to wait days for the well to replenish iteself, showing a profound need for an increased number of reliable, low-maintenance water sources.

Relief International and a Niger-based partner are building and rehabilitating wells in the region. They use local labor and drilling equipment to create greater access to water and to ensure money and skills remain in the local community.

By constructing or rehabilitating wells in Niger, local families and farmers do not have to travel as far to access water, nor wait as long for supply. This significantly improves the long-term health of locals and lengthens the growing season.

Organization Information : Relief International

Budget : €2,079

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