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Abir’s Garden : a Safe Place to Grow


Titre : Abir’s Garden : a Safe Place to Grow

Pays : Palestine

Date : 2007-08-06 // 2008-08-20

Bring former combatants together to create a playground for children of Anata, advocate for safety of all children, especially Palestinian children in school zones, and pursue justice for Abir Aramin

An effort to create a long lasting memorial to Abir Aramin, where children can be children and safely step out of the occupation and into their imagination. Former fighters will work side by side to build the playground, helping Abir’s friends and the world see that there are people who care for children and work together for justice and peace. Abir’s Garden is a playground, designed by Combatants for Peace members working w the Parents Committee at the Anata School for Girls in E. Jerusalem.

Designs completed, approved. Ready to purchase playground equipment for project phase 1. Combatants for Peace to help with construction in 2 weekends : clearing then assembly. School starts Sep. 5th.

This project arises from the Aramin family’s decision to turn their tragedy and despair into care, creativity, and teamwork. Abir’s Garden will nurture the children of Anata East Jerusalem and provide a model way to overcome violence.

Organization Information : Rebuilding Alliance

Budget : €1,515

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