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Empowering Palestinian Families through Jobs


Titre : Empowering Palestinian Families through Jobs

Pays : Palestine

Date : 2007-10-02 // 2010-05-04

CHF is providing much needed food aid, gainful employment opportunities, and viable job skills trainings to assist over 22,000 Palestinian families, totaling approximately 150,000 people.

The realities on the ground for 4 million Palestinians today show a society that is in dire need of humanitarian assistance : > More than 65% of the population is living in poverty. > Nearly 50% does not have a stable supply of food. > 265,000 people are unemployed, and 24% of employed people have not received salaries since March 2006. > 70% of the population is not connected to a sewerage system, and up to 80% of the areas water supply is distributed without being treated.

Since 2005, CHF International has been a leading provider of humanitarian assistance aid here, providing critical services for thousands of unemployed, vulnerable families.

By creating jobs and providing skills-training, CHF’s work is providing aid that not only meets the immediate needs of vulnerable families, but lays the foundation for them to help themselves in the long-term.

Organization Information : Global Communities

Budget : €4,130

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