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Economic Help for Palestinian Women Farmers


Titre : Economic Help for Palestinian Women Farmers

Pays : Palestine

Date : 2006-08-11 // 2008-03-05

Revitalize olive industry to generate more income for Asira women farmers in 14 of the poorest villages in the West Bank thru production of premium extra virgin oil, soap, and other products.

35% of Palestinians have been denied work permits by Israel and found subsistence income in local agriculture instead. Revitalization of the olive oil industry and its products would help transform a traditional activity congenial to women into a profitable/competitive industry. And provide Palestinian women and their families with additional income & consequent improvements in their nutrition, health, education & environment.

Expand participating women olive farmers in rural areas in the West Bank. Offer much needed support to produce high quality olive oil, including training, appropriate farm equipment, proper containers, supervision, marketing & microcredit.

Sustainable income boost for Palestinian women farmers & job generation for their communities. New quality controls creating improved products, increasing demand, coupled with more sophisticated local, even international marketing/distribution.

Organization Information : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Budget : €4,177

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