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Ibn Rush’d Library & Resource Center w Bookmobile


Titre : Ibn Rush’d Library & Resource Center w Bookmobile

Pays : Palestine

Date : 2013-11-11

A library in a Firing Zone ? A little village called Al Aqaba opened the Ibn Rushd Library inside Israel’s Firing Zone 900 to provide a learning sanctuary for nearly 400 children in this area. Named after Ibn Rush’d, the 12th-century Islamic philosopher who believed in rationalism over fundamentalism, the library boasts a wonderful librarian, a large collection of books in Arabic and English, good light, and a big work table. Help provide ebooks, a music library and a projector for movie nights.

After 30 years of live-fire training in Al Aqaba, Israel’s Army promised never to use the village for target practice. They sometimes forget that promise. Meanwhile, children can hear the ratta-tat-tat of Army machine gun fire as their training camp is close by. Due to a 2008 Israeli High Court ruling, Al Aqaba village was safely building homes without any demolition orders for 12 years. Recently, Israel’s Army destroyed one house, raising fears among children about their homes and families.

Books can transport you to a land far away from the troubles. Creative projects can open doors. Children throughout the Al Aqaba need such outlets in their life under the occupation, economic decline, and climate change. Apart from enhancing their knowledge, Ibn Rushd library is also acting as a sanctuary for the local children who are fearful of the sounds of drones, planes, and guns, especially at night, and the movement of soldiers around them.

This vibrant library led by a talented librarian is a vital part of Al Aqaba’s education program, in a village that sees the education of all children as key to bringing the world together for peace. The Ibn Rushd library provides wonderful opportunities to the village children giving them an enriching experience, one that each child deserves. Soon, your support will also build a core team of resource specialists to provide in depth assistance to children and families with disabilities.

Organization Information : Rebuilding Alliance

Budget : €75,619

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