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The Freedom Bus - Community Theatre


Titre : The Freedom Bus - Community Theatre

Pays : Palestine

Date : 2012-04-01 // 2016-03-24

This project works in solidarity with Palestinian communities impacted by decades of occupation and oppression. The Freedom Bus uses interactive cultural events, including community theatre, for advocacy, trauma response and community building. The project transcends any human-made borders by bringing people from all over the world to occupied Palestine, who come together to learn, share and build alliances.

Palestinian communities are largely isolated from each other and from the rest of the world, which contributes to feelings of marginalization and hopelessness. Occupation, isolation and military violence have resulted in high levels of individual and collective trauma, affecting children and youth particularly harshly.

Theatre, art and other cultural expressions are vital in supporting the psychosocial development of children, youth and the population as a whole. The Freedom Bus travels to communities and uses culture to respond to the fundamental human need to share one’s story and have it acknowledged and honoured. Additionally, this project connects Palestinian communities with each other and with people from all over the world, who come to show solidarity, bear witness and build alliances.

The project will reach over 3,000 children, youth and adults - fostering community health through the sharing of stories and building solidarity. This project and its various activities will contribute to the promotion of human rights while fighting against discrimination and oppression.

Organization Information : The Freedom Theatre

Budget : €16,077

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