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Economic Empowerment of Women & Youth


Titre : Economic Empowerment of Women & Youth

Pays : Somalie

Date : Start date 2021-10-01 // End date 2022-03-31

Identification : A-06805-03:SO

This project is based on the theory of change that if women and youth are empowered, offered opportunities in economic development,and operate in a more gender-sensitive environment, then this will allow them to play a greater role in promoting household live hoods

The project will use a rights based and gender-responsive approach ; which aims to empower beneficiaries to make positive contribution to sustainable development in their communities. Skills trainings will be learner-centered and orientatedtowards developing new competences and credentials, including business and entrepreneurial skills that empower them to develop their own innovative ideas. The overall goal of the project is to empower youth and women to secure meaningful employment and self-employment.

The project targets at least 50 women and youth for TVET and other skills training

Financement : Oxfam Novib public funds
Total budget : 60,698 EUR

Acteur (s) : Candle Light for Health and Education (CLHE)

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