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Drilling A Borehole in Somalia


Titre : Drilling A Borehole in Somalia

Pays : Somalie

Date : Start date 2022-03-01 // End date 2022-08-31

Identification : A-06904-03:SO

In response to the recurrent droughts, it is recommended to develop a long-term sustainable solution to the water stress area, reduce dependency on Cash for Water. Hydro-geologically there is a potential of groundwater availability, drilling of boreholes is the most viable option for addressing the water stress in the regions. The sequences of droughts has increased the vulnerability of the communities as they have lost most of their livestock which was their main source of livelihood. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that thetwo regions also continue to experience occasional inter clan fighting whichis often triggered by competition for available pasture and water resources. Drilling of the a boreholes will not only contribute to providing important water sources that can support the water needs of the communities during drought and harsh climatic conditions, but also contribute to reducing risk factors leading to conflict. It will offer an opportunity to the benefiting communities to have a chance for better access to potable water, reduce the incidents water related

Total budget : 170,953 EUR

Acteur (s) : Kaalo Aid and Development

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