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Borehole drilling in Eastern Somalia


Titre : Borehole drilling in Eastern Somalia

Pays : Somalie

Date : Start date 2022-03-01 // End date 2022-07-31

Identification : A-06923-03:SO

Project Objectives : • Provide sustainable access to water for most vulnerable drought affected/displaced communities including IDPsto prevent loss of lives and drought induced displacement

Target : The project will aim to support at least 5000 people and over 10,000 livestock heads in Laac Dheer village, of Sanaag region.

Groundwater Feasibility Survey : Once the sites are confirmed, Candlelight will engage a hydrogeological consultant through competitive bidding to carry out survey on groundwater potential and select suitable sites for drilling.
The survey will follow three approach methods, 1. Remote Sensing : Desk review using latest satellite imageries to selected best possible locations. This phase will focus on finding regional fractures carrying water from highland of Ethiopia to the lowland of Sanaag regions and from Sanaag mountains to low land areas. 2. Geophysical Study : ground truthing work will be conducting using latest state of art geophysical technology at least three locations with spacing of 1000 -1500m. These locations arethe ones that are selected in first phase of the study work. Government and community engagement will be conducted to understand the local geology, possible impact of drilling on environment and stability of the communities.
Drilling of the borehole – Tendering, Site selection and Risk management Through a competitive process, Candlelight will contract a reputable and experienced borehole drilling company to undertake the task. Prior to releasing the tender, Candlelight will organize meeting, in which the tender details and expectations will be reviewed. Oxfam technical staff will be invited to support this entire process and ensue that a reputable company is hired on proper terms and conditions.

Total budget : 94,872 EUR

Acteur (s) : Candle Light for Health and Education (CLHE)

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