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Strengthening the Pillars of NEXUS platform


Titre : Strengthening the Pillars of NEXUS platform

Pays : Somalie

Date : Start date 2022-02-01 // End date 2022-05-30

Identification : A-06890-03 :SO

Somalia is one of the most food insecure countries in the horn of Africa. Conflict, insecurity and climatic shocks continue to aggravate vulnerabilities and trigger population displacements across Somalia . And Somalia is on the verge of 4th consecutive failed rainfall season and is at the risk of a potentially extreme drought situation by April 2022 . According to Humanitarian Needs Overview(HNO) 2022 approximately 7.7 million people in Somalia will need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2022 due to recurrent climatic shocks particularly (drought and floods, disease outbreaks including COVID-19 and increasing poverty) and conflict in various parts of the country.

To reduce the risks of conflict and disasters through improving the impact of triple nexus programing, NEXUSplatform discussed and realized the need to conduct following initiatives/ studies. 1. Community-led early warning system guide forNEXUS platform 2. Peace building strategy for NEXUS platform 3. NEXUS platform’s HDP triple nexus in practice

Proposed Initiatives by Nexus Platform
The NEXUS platform has been working on its strategic pillars for a better performance as mentioned above. The Nexus platform is currently striving to link the immediate relief with longer-term resilience and peacebuilding efforts. NEXUS platform is contributing in an integrated earlyaction, emergency response and community- based development initiatives to particularly play its role in peacebuilding in Somalia/ Somaliland. To further enhance the performance of Nexus platform members and to better serve the disaster-stricken people, Nexus platform is proposing the following initiatives/ research studies for the period of three months.

Total budget : 44,076 EUR

Acteur (s) : Save Somali Women and Children Organization

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