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Youth Employment Via Mobile Technology


Titre : Youth Employment Via Mobile Technology

Pays : Somalie

Date : Start date 2022-01-26 // End date 2022-07-26

Identification : A-06878-03 :SO

This project will benefit 25 disadvantaged youth to enter into the delivery service industry through a combination of provision motorcycles, technical skills training, and leveraging mobile-based technologies to accelerate connectivity with motorcycle riders and clients. Oxfam will avail funds for motorcycle, safety, and delivery equipment to the target youth while Shaqodoon take implementingrole. Telesom Group, on the other hand, will waiver 50k+ USD which is the cost for the telecom services includingIVR, Calls, Registration and application service charges to youth for the project period, Telesom will also facilitate free of cost trainings related about motorcycle driving skills. Legal advisors, parents/guardians of youth and government agencies willbe involved in all stages ofthe application, selection and motor distribution process to minimize risks and ensure youth have access to available support to stay in business

Financement : Oxfam Novib public funds
Total budget : 58,834 EUR


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