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Waheen Market Fire-outbreak Response


Titre : Waheen Market Fire-outbreak Response

Pays : Somalie

Date : Start date 2022-05-15 // End date 2022-08-15

Identification : A-06961-03:SO

On 01 April 2022, a huge fire engulfed the Waheen Market and destroyed majority of business and properties in the market. Preliminary reports estimate that between USD 1.5 billion to 2 billion worth of businesses and assets were destroyed by the fire disaster and as many as 65,000 direct and indirect jobs were lost, per the ad-hoc National Committee coordinating relief and support efforts to the Waaheen victims. Per an initial Presidential Briefing on the Waaheen fire outbreak, the loss will result in 40% reduction in the Hargeisa Municipality’s income and 20% of the national tax revenue and 60% decline of the national GDP.

Oxfam will implement this project in collaboration with its partner, local partner (Shaqodoon). In collaboration with the Waaheen market committees, the Hargeisa municipality and the established ad-hoc National Committee, Shaqodoon will conduct a joint assessment to identify 48 women and youth-owned microbusinesses that have been hardest hit and most impacted by the Hargeisa market fire outbreak. Following the identification, face-to-face meetings with the affected women and youth business owners will be held in order to verify, profile their businesses and fill out cash injection forms. The project will support 48 women and youth (at least 60% women) effected microbusinesses by providing cash injections, on-site and one-to-one business skills training and mentorship to help them revive their microbusinesses and vendors.

A total of USD 1,000 grants will be awarded to each affected micro business owner in order to support them in re-establishing their microbusinesses. As part of the program, Shaqodoon teams will engage and train 10 social worker students from Ignite of University of Hargeisa to provide onsite basic business skills, financial literacy, basic bookkeeping training, and mentorship to help victims heal from the fire tragedy and facilitate to relaunch their businesses successfully. The affected micro business owners will be provided with a dedicated hotline number that they can call whenever they require assistance or guidance related to their business activities. Furthermore, Oxfam, in collaboration with its partner Shaqodoon, will advocate for women and youth to secure spaces in the new market when it is rebuilt.

Total budget : 135,000 EUR


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