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Water Supply & Irrigation Program in Kollo District


Titre : Water Supply & Irrigation Program in Kollo District

Pays Niger
Localisation : Kollo, Tillaberi,

Code : 020_001682

Date de clôture : 2016-08-01

For many years Niger‘s food production has not been enough to cover the needs of the population. A succession of drought and floods caused by erratic rains and the structural issues related to land degradation and poor access to agricultural inputs are the root causes of food insecurity, particularly in Tillaberi region. This project is an integrated development project that aims to improve health, nutrition, food security and water facilities in Kollo immediate environment. Islamic Relief’s intervention in Kollo District aims to significantly increase the rate of water supply access by 2017 and decrease food shortages. To achieve this aim, the project intends to cover the following areas : 1. Increase access to water and improve hygiene and sanitation through the construction of three mini water supply systems and community capacity building on hygiene promotion, food safety, and quality of drinking water and protection of water from pollution 2. Increase food security by setting up three gardens of one (1) hectare each for the women associations and the women capacity building on garden products preservation. 3. Improve children nutrition and wellbeing through community mobilization and capacity building on the Family essential best practices (PFE), By the end of the project, IR Niger hopes that the main goal within the targeted area will be attained and the following outcomes will be achieved : - Rate of water supply access increased from 52% to 92%, - Acute malnutrition rate reduced from 2.8% to less than 1% (1.8% of reduction)

Bénéficiaires : 13 860

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 193,260

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