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Give 5 Villages in Senegal Access to Healthcare


Titre : Give 5 Villages in Senegal Access to Healthcare

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2012-11-20 // 2020-11-12

Access to healthcare in rural Senegal is difficult if not impossible for most. Our project provides seed money to a Senegalese organization setting up a lending program so villagers can borrow money in medical emergencies. Health insurance here is nonexistent, and people in rural areas have restricted access to cash, especially in amounts needed in medical emergencies. "OBRAR", the organization initiating this program, represents 5 villages where people of the minority Beudik group reside.

Rural Senegalese have little access to proper healthcare and no health insurance opportunities. Malaria is endemic to the area and the leading cause of mortality, especially among children. Additionally, as farmers that grow their own food but few "cash crops", most villagers have little access to cash to pay for medicines, doctor visits or treatment

Our organization intends to provide (1) seed money in support of the village of Djendji’s dispensary project, (2) donations that supplement the costs of the most expensive medical procedures (more than US $100) for villagers in the Fongoli area, and (3) provide mosquito nets to villagers as a proactive way to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever, which are serious health problems in this area of Senegal

Our organization, Neighbor Ape, is concerned with the welfare of rural Senegalese people. While Neighbor Ape originated with concerns regarding the conservation of chimpanzees in southeastern Senegal, we also recognized that local people living alongside these primates are key to their continued existence. The resources that are most scarce to villagers in this area of Senegal are educational and healthcare opportunities. Our programs focus on helping people to help themselves.

Organization Information : Neighbor Ape

Budget : €6,082

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