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Transform a Girl’s Life Through Soccer


Titre : Transform a Girl’s Life Through Soccer

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2012-11-26

Ladies Turn is a grassroots Senegalese organization that has created the first girls’ soccer leagues. We bring girls together who dream of playing soccer and make it a reality by organizing teams and tournaments across the country. Playing soccer empowers young women to take charge of their future, become leaders in their community, and demand equality both on and off the field.

In Senegal, soccer is for men, not women. Playing soccer increases self esteem, builds leadership skills, and allows girls to have a visible role in public life. Through participation in Ladies’ Turn, a generation of young women in Senegal is developing the confidence to be agents of change in their communities, one soccer game at a time.

With your support, a national soccer league for 800 girls in Senegal can happen ! Joining Ladies’ Turn, gives each girl an opportunity to shine before her community- and of course, have fun !

Through participation in Ladies’ Turn, young woman are seizing their right to play soccer on their neighborhood field. This not only prepares leaders of tomorrow, it shifts their community’s beliefs about what a woman can accomplish both on and off the field.

Organization Information : Ladies’ Turn

Budget : €71,226

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