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Give Health & Hope to Kids in Darfur


Titre : Give Health & Hope to Kids in Darfur

Pays : Soudan

Date : 2008-02-07 // 2009-09-23

In N. Darfur an estimated 129 of 1,000 children do not live to their first birthday. RI is internationally recognized as representing one of the leading programs for child health in Darfur

RI’s Zam Zam Health Clinic and 6 Rural Village Clinics serve 4,000 children, ensuring they receive immunizations, therapeutic feedings to combat malnutrition, and check-ups. RI also trains teachers to provide nutrition education to children. RI assists in preventing common health ailments that if left untreated are killers amongst children. This includes primary preventative care, acute respiratory infection and diarrhea prevention and treatment, malaria prevention and malnutrition.

RI’s mobile Child Care Teams (CCTs) consist of trained local medical staffs that reach out to the hidden child population that are unable to reach a central clinic. CCTs provide the same care as a clinic and reach an average 1,000 kids every quarter

The crisis in Darfur is a dire concern and the future of the region’s people lie within the livelihoods of its children. Permanent health facilities will support the children of North Darfur to survive past childhood.

Organisation information : Relief International

Budget : €10,780

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