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Improve 1500 Lives with Clean Cooking in Darfur


Titre : Improve 1500 Lives with Clean Cooking in Darfur

Pays : Soudan

Date : 2013-09-01 // 2015-12-28

Our project in Darfur was developed to improve the safety and livelihoods of Darfuri women by providing customized, fuel-efficient stoves that reduce firewood collection and consumption. By using less fuel, one of these stoves can save a family in Darfur almost $2000 while reducing health, safety and environmental risks. This project will bring 250 stoves to women and their families in Darfur.

Since 2003, conflict in Darfur has killed at least 300,000 people and forced more than two million people from their homes, many of whom now live in large displacement camps spread throughout the region. Families in camps receive food aid, but they still must gather firewood to cook their meals. Due to the size of the camps and the desert-like terrain, wood is increasingly scarce. Women walk up to seven hours to find a single tree. This project will help ease the burden and risks of cooking.

Since 2007, Potential Energy and our partners have distributed over 30,000 fuel-efficient cookstoves to Darfuri women. The stoves were designed with the users in mind and follow a sustainable business model that encourages local employment. Women in Darfur provided feedback and were engaged at every step of the process, ensuring the stove design fits their needs. With an 100% adoption rate, the stoves have proven to be of great value to the women by saving time and money from fuel costs

These specially designed cookstoves decrease women’s exposure to violence by reducing their need to collect firewood ; eliminate the need to trade food rations for fuel ; create a healthier cooking environment ; save the women money that would otherwise be spent on firewood ; and lessen the destructive impact cooking has on the environment. By connecting world-class science with the displaced women in Darfur, we hope to help them break out of a cycle of poverty.

Organisation information : Potential Energy

Budget : €4,388

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