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Child Sponsorship for Sudan’s Neediest Children


Titre : Child Sponsorship for Sudan’s Neediest Children

Pays : Soudan

Date : 2006-08-17 // 2008-03-05

The numbers & desperation of orphans are rising. $50 a month can meet their basic needs & those of children of single mother-headed households in the poorest Khartoum squatter settlement.

Poverty & economic hardship are increasing in New Dar El-Salaam El-Rabwa, a squatter settlement north of the capital city. It is the single area most in need with over 20,000 displaced people, 52% of them children. 54 orphans and children from single mother-headed households urgently require sponsors to have their basic needs met : health, nutrition, education, clothing, and guidance.

Short- & long-term care for school attendance and basic health services for children ; nutrition awareness for mothers and their medical care ; clothing, special education, and assistance for culturally important feast celebrations.

A safety net and boost to desperate families often driven to extreme measures otherwise. A life-line for children likely doomed to be outcasts in their society, illiterate, unnurtured and missing the most elemental necessities for development.

Organisation information : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Budget : €8,030

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