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Triangular Empowerment of Solar Energy in Yemen


Titre : Triangular Empowerment of Solar Energy in Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2020-03-09

Many places across Yemen are suffering from the lack access to basic energy resources which is needed to improve quality of life. Through an innovative training program, we create jobs and enable people to install and maintain clean energy systems to serve these communities through sustainable marketing mechanism. Your donation will help serve the innovative program in war-affected areas and raise these people from poverty.

Because the ongoing conflict and the lack of oil derivatives to operate generators, people face the lack of light, water ,and many things in life. Those without access to electricity generally relay on solar energy or on Kerosene which is a high risk of accidental fire.These people who use solar energy do not know how to install and maintain it.They face the dual challenges of requiring engineering expertise to support development. They are living in dark waiting for engineers for long time.

1) Give orientation to male and female people on renewable energy 2) Raising awareness of alternative energy and train them on repair, maintenance, and how to install them The Foundation is now putting together the puzzle pieces to help these people to depend on themselves.

Because of war, most of citizens are in need. Training them how to install and maintain solar energy for themselves can help them to solve solar energy problems without waiting for expertise to come from far places. Train them also has the potential to improve the quality of life for many people and provide quality local jobs. Using solar energy instead of using Kerosene can safe the life of people from fire hazards, reduction environmental pollution, and global warming.

Organisation information : Enaya Development Foundation

Budget : €5,473

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