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Rescue and Save Rare Yemeni Tiger from Extinction


Titre : Rescue and Save Rare Yemeni Tiger from Extinction

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2020-04-07

Support Yemeni Society Organization intends to provide anti-poaching protection for the Arabian Tiger which is the rarest animal on earth. The Arabian Tiger has been listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List since 1996 as fewer than 200 wild individuals were estimated to be alive in 2006. Almost a decade ago, the Arabian tiger in Yemen was classified among the most subspecies vulnerable to extinction, Therefore, this project will contribute to the reduction of poaching Yemeni tiger,

Many Yemenis don’t know that the Arabian Tiger is the national animal of Yemen It was adopted by a decree of the Council of Ministers issued in the year 2008 which called for the designation of the Arabian Tiger as the national animal of the Republic of Yemen and considered a symbol of wildlife and national identity.However, this rare animal is threatened with extinction as a result of being poached and killed constantly.About 200 Arabian tigers caught and killed in only five years. Catastrophe !

SYS Organization for the sake of protecting the Yemeni tiger will provide a highly skilled, law enforcement team with essential equipment and daily allowance for regular anti-poaching guards to be conducted in Bani Qais District, Hajja Governorate. In addition, SYS Organization will conduct training courses and awareness campaigns of the public need to wild life in the country to the local people. Moreover, it will ensure support from local authorities as well as people.

SYS Organization by implementing this project will contribute effectively in reducing the main factors causing the tiger’s decline in the existing and potential sites. It will also reduce hunting and killing the Arabian tiger. Moreover, the level of awareness of the importance of this animal among Yemeni people will be raised to the maximum, local authorities, communities and people will be engaged in the conservation efforts

Organisation information : Support Yemeni Society Organization for Development SYS

Budget : €78,780

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