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Educate girls change future- support 500 girls edu


Titre : Educate girls change future- support 500 girls edu

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2020-06-08

This project support girls & women growth.Helping them to reclaim their natural rights & power to create a brighter future & a fulfilling, prosper life.Yemen is a place affected by 7 years civil war,with COVID-19 pandemic impact that adversely effected families’ life particularly families headed by Women.Concern Org. provids Education,health support & feeding for those who are facing risks in their lives.our solutions & donors support are gathering to ensure their survival,growth & inspairation

Even before COVID19,According UNOCHA,Yemen has plunged into one of the most severe humanitarian crises experienced.Women & children are most affected.Evidence shows that home is often most dangerous place for women & children in such situations of home quarenties.Besides,increasing food insecurity,where women are primarily responsible procuring and cooking food,place them at heightened risk of partner violence due to tension in households.Women &Children are in risk of hunger, diseases& violence

CWC will provide education support, emergency response and essential social and economic assistance to affected girls & women through supporting most economically affected by the crisis(girls & women), namely daily wage earners, small business owners and worker in informal sectors. This could be done through cash transfers and support women-led small businesses.CWC, provides education, nutrition, clean water, cleaning materials,medicine & economic support to vulnerable women & children in Yemen

The project will support 200 girl to fulfill their education strongly as well as allowing them rise out of poverty which will provide their families health and well-being and keep them safe , strong in building their future.

Organisation information : Concern Organization for Women & Children

Budget : €16,147

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