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Help Girls in Yemen Stay in School


Titre : Help Girls in Yemen Stay in School

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2019-07-12

TYTW helps provide complete breakfasts daily to 525 girls to keep them in school in Sana’a, Yemen. A guaranteed nutritious breakfast at school makes these girls less vulnerable to child marriage, which is severely exacerbated in active conflicts. Help us continue to provide breakfast to schoolgirls so they can pursue their studies even in the midst of what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Just $0.75 a day will keep one girl in school and out of marriage

Globally girls are married every two seconds while still children. That’s an estimated 12 million girls married each year, resulting in profound negative consequences for girls, their families, and their entire communities. Alarmingly, it is estimated that more than 65% of Yemeni girls are now being married off before age 18, compared to 50% before the recent conflict began. Looming famine makes child marriage an increasingly attractive option to families desperate for one less mouth to feed.

Keeping girls in school is proven to prevent child marriage. TYTW provides emergency assistance and education to girls in humanitarian settings where child marriages are most common. At $0.75 per meal, this year’s grant will provide girls in need with a guaranteed healthy breakfast - incentivizing parents to value education over marriage. We provide a complete breakfast of bread, milk, fruit, and protein (egg, tuna, or cheese), creating meals based on the recommendations of a nutritionist.

Child marriage is often employed by families out of financial desperation, and only offers short-term economic relief. If encouraged to stay in school, these girls can live full lives and will be better equipped to help support their families in later years. At their school, our girls laugh, play, and learn. This is critical, not only for the girl, but for the next generation, as each girl that evades child marriage will likely prevent her own children from marrying early.

Organisation information : Too Young To Wed, Inc.

Budget : €29,453

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