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Sahel Livelihoods Programme


Titre : Sahel Livelihoods Programme

Pays/Région : Sahel

Date : 2016-08-18 // 2022-12-31

IATI Identifiant : GB-CHC-220949-P7036

The Sahel Region has cyclical long term food insecurity issues which repeatedly damage the resilience of communities to respond, recover and develop. The RCM in the region is currently operating at a very low capacity with limited capability to respond to small, medium or large scale needs in a meaningful, effective and accountable way. The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to build a strong Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement to support the resilience development of vulnerable communities. The program is an evolution of learning and piloting that is expected to lead to a greater knowledge within the Movement of the capacity and added value in livelihoods programming in the Sahel to address the chronic cyclical issues of food insecurity on both an approach and positioning level. Therefore two specific objectives will be targeted : - Strengthen HNS’ capacities on Livelihoods programming  so they are able to effectively ensure crisis affected population’s recovery and contribute to their resilience. - Develop or add to RC a specific regionalised body of knowledge on LLH programming in the Sahel region. The operating method will be to conduct training and monitoring for capacity building and research/reviews .the programme will support  exchanges, peer to peer learning between NSs through pilot projects in order to  collect the best practices, evidence based on LHH activities and to have at the end of the programme a LHH package projects or modelled approaches easy to implement at scale by NSs and strongly based on volunteer networking. The programme will be at the same time a research program to gather the lessons learnt and a place for working practices into the ground . The programme will start with some pilots with a limited number of NSs to test the practices in order to not  spread the efforts  and to facilitate the evaluation of such “unsual †programme.

Mise en œuvre : British Red Cross ; Belgian Red Cross ; Burkinabe Red Cross Society ; French Red Cross ; IFRC ; Mauritanian Red Crescent ; Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre ; Red Cross of Chad ; Spanish Red Cross

Annonce par : British Red Cross
Budget : 987 948 USD


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