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Somalia Hunger Crisis 2021


Titre : Somalia Hunger Crisis 2021

Pays/Région : Somalie

Date : ACTUAL START DATE 2021-07-18

IATI Identifiant : GB-CHC-220949-P8713

May 2021 : The Government of Somalia declared a National Emergency due to the Drought situation and called for support in responding to the humanitarian crisis 3
FS situation still in process of deterioration. Recent evolution of the Indian Ocean Dipole means outlook for less rain during October-December season across East Africa. There’s an Acute Food Insecurity and Acute Malnutrition Analyses workshops in mid-august (seems it’ll be led by UN agencies) which will provide a more up to date analysis of the FS situation

Mise en œuvre : British Red Cross ; ICRC

Annonce par : British Red Cross (BRC)
Budget : 203 888 USD


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