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Sudan Floods 2020


Titre : Sudan Floods 2020

Pays/Région : Soudan

Date : 2020-09-18 // 2022-09-01

IATI Identifiant : GB-CHC-220949-P8416

Sudan experienced heavy rains, causing flooding and displacing thousands in July. The flooding situation continued to worsen in August and September, leading to the government declaring a state of emergency. Cyclical flooding is often experienced during the July-Sept/Oct rainy season, however, this year is exceptional in scale. Heavy rains raised the river Nile by 17.5 metres resulting in the worst flooding recorded in at least 70 years States most affected by floods are Khartoum, North Darfur and Sennar, which account for 43% of all people affected.

With unreliable drainage systems and infrastructure in need of rehabilitation, there are concerns of disease outbreaks.

Mise en œuvre : International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) ; British Red Cross

Annonce par : British Red Cross (BRC)
Budget : 201 124 USD


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