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Namibia - Zambezi Livelihoods Project


Titre : Namibia - Zambezi Livelihoods Project

Pays/Région : Namibie

Date : 2020-06-01 // 2021-09-30

IATI Identifiant : GB-CHC-220949-P8409

Namibia Zambezi Livelihoods Project aim is to support 1000 small scale farmers resilience through improved financial inclusion and technical capacity building for climate change adaptation in Sibbinda Constituency Proposed interventions 1) Strengthen the capacity of small-scale farmers to improve production and confidence to access financial services 2) Financial services intermediation and support to access small-scale farmers to existing financial institutions for financial services. 3) Support saving groups for volunteers and communities to promote savings culture.

Mise en œuvre : Namibia Red Cross Society

Annonce par : British Red Cross (BRC)
Budget : 143 085 USD


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