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Studio Yafa Information and dialogue for social cohesion in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Titre : Studio Yafa Information and dialogue for social cohesion in Burkina Faso

Pays : Burkina Faso

Date : 2019-01-01 // 2022-09-30

Identifiant IATI : SE-0-SE-6-12421A0101-BFA-15150

The project is motivated by the revolutionary development of recent years in Burkina Faso, where a popular rise in 2014 led to a democratic transition but also economic and security-related challenges, which gives strong reasons for Sweden to contribute to a consolidation of democracy. Burkina Faso has a very young population, and the purpose of the effort is to give the population, especially the young, the opportunity to make their voices heard, inform themselves and exchange views, and stimulate dialogue, debate and participation in public life.

The objective is to contribute to strengthen democracy and citizenship of Burkinabè, mainly young people and the most marginalized. It is also prevent conflicts, contribute to strengthening peace and social cohesion through information and dialogue between all peoples and all in all regions of Burkina Faso.

The three specific objectives of the intervention are : i) better inform and make more active the population of Burkina Faso, especially young people, in democratic and development processes through information and dialogue programs ; ii) strengthen and make the Burkinabé media sector more professional through training and technical support ; iii) make the project sustainable by adopting an action plan by the partners involved.

The strategy is to enable people to participate more in democratic processes and in the development of Burkina Faso, mainly the young and the most marginalized. FH will set up a radio studio and produce daily information programs and multimedia debates aimed at young people and the rural population. This production will be done with community and private radios which touch these areas, journalists coming from these areas and youth local organisations (project partners). The themes will be in line with the country main challenges and the national socio-political situation. At the end, Burkinabé democratic system and Burkinabé people, mainly young and marginalized will be strengthened through discussions, exchanges, and at the end that peace and social cohesion are established.

Mise en oeuvre : Fondation Hirondelle

Annonce par : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

Financement : Sweden
Budget : 1 110 417 USD

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