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The Pandamatenga Agricultural Infrastructure Development Project


Titre : The Pandamatenga Agricultural Infrastructure Development Project

Pays : Botswana

Date : 29 Apr 2009 // 30 Jun 2019

IATI Identifiant : 46002-P-BW-AAC-001

The Pandamatenga Agricultural Infrastructure Development Project was initiated because of the priority given by Government of Botswana owing to the area’s inherent potential to increase cereal production. Indeed, Pandamatenga area is highly suitable for arable agriculture because of a relatively high rainfall of 600mm per annum and inherently fertile soil. The present project will facilitate water control and access road development for rain fed agricultural production within 27,574 ha of farm land in Pandamatenga area. It will incorporate water management and ecosystem conservation concepts in crop production, train beneficiaries and provide equipment for effective production activities. The project will support the construction of drainage and road infrastructure within 27,574 ha rain-fed systems ; strengthen human and logistic capacities of the MoA and farmer associations. It comprises three main components : 1) Infrastructure Development ; 2) Agricultural Production Improvement ; and 3) Project Coordination.

Bénéficiaires :
The direct beneficiaries of the project will be 266 farming households (including 33 female-headed households) in Pandamatenga area, made up of 245 farming households classified as traditional and 21 farming households classified as large scale. While the number of direct beneficiaries appears to be low compared to the investment, the project will have a major spill over effect on the country’s economy.

The sector goal is to contribute to the attainment of increased crop diversification, agricultural output and productivity as contained in the National Master Plan for Agricultural and Dairy Development. The specific objective of the project is to develop appropriate water control/drainage system and access road network in Pandamatenga.

Mise en œuvre : Ministère de l’Agriculture, Département de la production végétale

Financement : African Development Bank
Engagement : U.A 40,922,871.09

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