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Onatel S.A.

Burkina Faso

Titre : Onatel S.A.

Pays : Burkina Faso
Localisation : The project will be headquartered in Burkina Faso and will provide fixed and mobile telecommunication services, as well as internet access, to both urban and rural areas of the country.

Actual Start Date : 2008-06-20

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-903-SPI-26231

The project consists of the upgrade, maintenance and operation of Onatel S.A.’s (Onatel or the company) existing fixed and mobile networks in Burkina Faso. Onatel is the incumbent telecom operator in Burkina Faso with approximately 100,000 fixed line subscribers and 7,000 internet subscribers. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Telmob, Onatel also serves approximately 350,000 mobile subscribers, 98% of which are pre-paid. Onatel employs 1,300 people.

The project will offer a wide range of standard and value added fixed and mobile services in Burkina Faso. Given the poor state of the existing telecommunications infrastructure in the country, the project will have a significant development impact for both individuals and businesses. With fixed line penetration of slightly more than 0.7% and mobile penetration of 4.3%, Burkina Faso ranks with the countries with the lowest tele-density worldwide. The project will improve access to reliable and affordable telecommunication services for consumers and businesses. The company projects that fixed and mobile penetration will increase to 1.4% and 28% respectively by 2011.

The project will also support the telecom liberalization process of the Government of Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso started liberalizing its telecommunications sector in 1991 with the help of the World Bank. In 1998 a new telecom law was enacted and the regulatory agency (ARTEL) was created. The private sector has entered Burkina Fasos mobile sector in 2000 (Telecel) and in 2001 (Celtel). The privatization of Onatel in December 2006 and the opening up of the fixed sector to competition are the latest steps towards full sector liberalization

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