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El Jadida RADEEJ : investments in sewerage infrastructure


Titre : El Jadida RADEEJ : investments in sewerage infrastructure

Pays : Maroc
Localisation : The project is located in the city El Jadida, Morocco, and surrounding cities of the Province of El Jadida, including Azemmour, Sidi Bennour, Oualidia and Ouled Frej

Actual Start Date : 2008-04-29

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-903-SPI-26179

The proposed investment is a Risk Sharing for up to MAD150 million ($19.5 million) for a loan to be provided by local banks to RADEEJ, the municipal water supply, sanitation and electricity distribution utility in El Jadida, Morocco, for investments in sewerage infrastructure. The IFCs Risk Sharing will help secure MAD300 million ($39 million) in commercial bank loan(s), to be used for a MAD550 million ($71.5 million) investment program in sanitation facilities, in the framework of Moroccos National Sanitation Plan (PNAL). RADEEJ (Régie Autonome Intercommunale de Distribution dEau et dÉlectricité DEl Jadida), a local public utility which was created in 1971 and acquired legal and financial autonomy in 1977. It provides services to the city of El Jadida and since 1979 to 4 surrounding municipalities and 22 villages, representing a total of about 390,000 inhabitants.

The project will contribute to the economic development of El Jadida. It will help attract new business by providing improved infrastructure facilities, and will in particular support the growth of the tourism industry through improved environmental conditions. - The construction, operation and maintenance of the sewerage network and sewage treatment plants will create business opportunities for private contractors and temporary jobs during construction. - The project will help a well-managed municipal utility access new sources of financing, without requiring sovereign support. IFCs participation will ensure that sound credit criteria are used as local financial institutions enter into this new business line. Eventually, it is expected that the demonstration effect will result in local banks financing other municipal utilities without further need for credit enhancement by IFC. Positive Environmental and Social Impact : The project will generate environmental and social benefits for the population of El Jadida and surrounding municipalities by reducing health hazards due to the discharge of untreated sewage, reducing pollution of beaches, reducing odors in urban areas, and preventing flooding.

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