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Zalagh Project : a vertically-integrated industrial poultry producer in Morocco


Titre : Zalagh Project : a vertically-integrated industrial poultry producer in Morocco

Pays : Maroc
Localisation : The Project will be located throughout the main poultry production regions of the country, across the key Casablanca - Fès corridor.

Actual Start Date : 2013-11-06

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-903-SII-32390

Zalagh Holding SA (“Zalagh” or the “Company”) is a vertically-integrated industrial poultry producer in Morocco, present across the entire poultry meat value chain : grain trading/import, animal feed production, day-old-chick/poult production, broiler production, poultry slaughtering, and meat processing. To help meet Morocco’s fast-growing demand for chicken protein, Zalagh has defined a three-year expansion plan comprised of : (i) the expansion of feedmill capacity for ruminants and poultry, (ii) the set-up of additional chicken and turkey rearing and laying farms and hatchery capacity for day-old-chick/poult production, and (iii) the set-up of additional turkey broiler farms (the “Project”). The Project will increase Zalagh’s ability to support a greater number of farmers with its supply of day-old-chick/poult and animal-feed, which in turn will increase the supply of affordable meat protein in Morocco where population growth and rising incomes per capita have led to robust increase in protein demand.

Development impact includes :
* (1) Employment generation, including gender : Zalagh plays a critical role in the generation of employment in Morocco particularly, in rural areas. The current 1,718 positions (of which 390 female employees) comprise a wide range of skill levels, from entry level positions to highly-skilled engineering, veterinary and managerial positions. All employees have access to dedicated training opportunities that allow them to strengthen their skills and develop within the organization. Zalagh’’s expansion is expected to increase employment to around 1,900 by 2017, which will provide direct employment opportunities, particularly to the skilled youth who suffer from relatively higher levels and longer durations of unemployment in Morocco.
* (2) Non-farm MSME linkages : as part of its operations, the Company also maintains relationships with a network of service MSMEs providing personnel, security, safety, transportation, recycling and waste disposal services, thus extending the employment reach of the Company well beyond its direct employees.
* (3) Economic opportunities in rural areas : as one of the leading providers of animal feed and poultry products in the country, Zalagh supports the economic activity of about 3,845 registered poultry farmers, including some contract outgrowers, and a large number of dairy and cattle farmers. Zalagh provides a range of services to its clients that include regular visits by its sales force, technical assistance, benchmarking of performance against standards, etc.

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