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Al Amana IS II : promotion des microenterprises,


Titre : Al Amana IS II : promotion des microenterprises,

Pays : Maroc
Localisation : Al Amana is headquartered in Rabat and has 587 branches in Morocco.

Actual Start Date : 2019-05-08

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-903-SII-37152

The proposed project involves providing a 5-year senior loan of up to Euro 6 million to Association Al Amana pour la promotion des microenterprises, (“Al Amana” or “the client”). Proceeds of the proposed investment would provide short and medium-term financing to micro and small enterprises in Morocco

Job Creation and Poverty reduction : The proposed investment is expected to have a high impact in facilitating micro and small enterprises access to finance - an area of key strategic priority for IFC. As IFC assists Al Amana to increase and diversify its sources of funding, in a difficult economic and sector context, the project addresses the need to serve those segments of the population that lack the most access to credit ; hence seeking to (i) reduce income disparities in the country, and (ii) contribute to job creation. Demonstration Effect and Sector Development : The proposed IFC loan, in a liquidity shortage context, will send a strong signal to international investors and local commercial banks, which will help mobilize additional sources of funding to Al Amana and the sector.

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