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Vicat-SOCOCIM : expansion of the cement activities


Titre : Vicat-SOCOCIM : expansion of the cement activities

Pays : Senegal
Localisation : Sococim’s cement plant is located in Rufisque, Senegal.

Actual Start Date : 2008-07-30

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-903-SPI-25363

The proposed project will support the expansion of the cement activities of the Vicat Group (Vicat), the third largest cement company in France, through a financing package to Sococim Industries (Sococim), its wholly owned subsidiary in Senegal. Sococim, which was acquired by Vicat in 1999, has been supplying the Senegalese market since the 1950s and has also been exporting its cement to the surrounding countries.

Based on anticipated growth in the cement markets of Senegal and Mali and Sococim’s need to enhance the technical performance of its existing facilities, Vicat has proposed an investment program in these countries. The capital expenditure for the project includes the following components : - construction of a new 24 MW power plant ; - environmental upgrades to meet local, EU and Worldbank/IFC emission standards ; - capacity increase of a quarry, crusher, cement mill and bagging facility ; - replacement of one of the current clinker lines with a new dry process kiln clinker line with a capacity of 4,200 tons per day ; and - various other technological upgrades.

The project is expected to meet growing demand in the local and near-by export markets at a lower cost than the alternative imports. In addition, the project will create additional employment during implementation of the project and new indirect employment as well, while improving the environmental performance of the company. The project may have spill-over economic benefits, such as helping modernize the building materials and construction industry in the country and attracting other industries to the region.

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