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Road to Decent Jobs for All Afghans (R2DJ4All)


Titre : Road to Decent Jobs for All Afghans (R2DJ4All)

Pays : Afghanistan

Identifiant : AFG/22/01/HCR

Date/Durée : Start date : March 15, 2022 // End date : December 31, 2022

Résumé partiel
The Partnership Agreement between the UNHCR and ILO aims to pursue common community-based protection goals for the benefit of displaced, returnee populations as well as affected host communities in 55 PARR locations across Afghanistan. The Project activities are part of a strategy for creating conducive conditions for the sustainable reintegration through strengthened essential services and facilities in Priority Areas of Return and Reintegration (PARRs) while fostering social cohesion. The project under this Agreement, in line with the Community-based Protection and Solutions Programme Response (Co-PROSPER), aims at creating an enabling protection environment by : o Empowering communities and PoCs through improving livelihoods and strengthening self-reliance. o Identifying intervention areas for change in order to end up with decent job opportunities for the target group. o Identifying sectors and sub-sectors that provide opportunity for employment of returnees, IDPs and host communities with focus on women. o Enhancing income-earning opportunities and decent work through technical skills development ; access to entrepreneurship services ; productivity and competitiveness improvements ; inward investments ; market linkages and business innovation.

Partenaire (s) : United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Total alloué : $ 140,224

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