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Tawdif : Skilling youth for work


Titre : Tawdif : Skilling youth for work

Pays : Algérie

Identifiant : DZA/19/01/GBR

Date/Durée : Start date : July 1, 2019 // End date : March 31, 2023

In response to the national challenges described in the previous chapter, an integrated set of strategic interventions will be deployed, largely focusing on the same pilot wilayas targeted by TAWDIF I. For example, with regard to academic institutions and ANEM structures at the wilaya level, TAWDIF II plans to work with the same 6 pilot wilayas as TAWDIF I (though adding an additional wilaya for objective 4). The project’s strategy also puts an emphasis on the promotion of women’s economic empowerment and employment across all project interventions. This entails a systematic analysis of barriers to employment for women, of gender stereotypes that need to be addressed and feasible strategies to overcome the identified barriers. The project will include the following wilayas : Algiers, Béjaïa, Biskra, Guelma, Mostaganem, Tlemcen and a southern wilaya for the 4th objective on the green economy).The project’s immediate objectives are : Education and training systems gear young people towards job opportunities with job potential, including green jobs ; Public employment services generate greater integration of young women and men people, particularly in green jobs ; Entrepreneurship and business development services cater better for the promotion of economic diversification and innovative businesses, particularly in the green economy ; and Sustainable businesses and jobs in the green economy are created.

Partenaire (s) : United Kingdom, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Total alloué : $ 1,503,851

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