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Skills and labour market insertion among university graduates


Titre : Skills and labour market insertion among university graduates

Pays : Algérie

Identifiant : DZA/17/01/GBR

Date/Durée : Start date : April 1, 2017 // End date : June 30, 2019

The ILO is partnering with the UK Government North Africa Good Governance Fund to promote prosperity and economic development in Algeria by supporting reform for growing and inclusive economies that offer stability and prosperity including in marginalised areas. This intervention addresses the issue of unemployment of the young population and their readiness to enter the employment market in terms of skills. This project supports skills and labour market insertion of university graduates by enhancing employability skills of students and graduates, in particular job search and entrepreneurial skills, by building the capacity of key governmental labour market actors such as ANEM, CNAC and ANSEJ, and of universities to strengthen their links with enterprises, and by reducing the skills mismatch between skills of graduates and labour market requirements. The main focus is on capacity building at the macro and meso level in order to have a long term impact on envisaged ultimate beneficiaries, being un- and underemployed higher education graduates and university students that expect better perspectives on the labour market.

Partenaire (s) : :United Kingdom, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Total alloué : $ 2,474,548

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