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Appui aux initiatives de promotion du travail decent au Cabo Verde

Cap Vert

Titre : Appui aux initiatives de promotion du travail decent au Cabo Verde

Pays : Cap Vert

Identifiant : CPV/15/01/OUF

Date/Durée : Start date : September 28, 2015 // End date : December 31, 2015

Résumé partiel
Cabo Verde DRT-F 2014 OUTCOME (all UN agencies) : National institutions at central and local level assure a better mainstreaming of disparity reduction and equity promotion into sectorial and inter-sectorial policies and strategies Policies initiatives with ILO planned interventions : Policy initiative 1.2 : Evidence-based policies and programmes on sustainable growth as well as on poverty and vulnerability reduction, with specific focus on women and children, are developed, implemented and monitored Key activity : Technical assistance for pilot implementation of the new social registry system and a new cash transfer programme (SOCPRO). It may include production of manuals, sharing of best practices, management system, and communication materials, among other. Key activity : Capacity building on the new resolution concerning statistics of labour, employment and underutilization of labour adopted by the 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians [Joint intervention with PAENCE which is a joint programme ILO/UNDP] Policy initiative 1.3 : National policy frameworks strengthened to promote youth employment in key driving sectors of the economy in line within the frame of decent work Key activity : Development of integrated public policies and programmes to promote decent youth employment and maximize local/community economic benefits with a special focus on creative economies, agribusiness, fisheries and sustainable tourism (YOUTH) [Joint intervention with PAENCE]

Partenaire (s) : Multi Partner Trust Fund Office, UNDP

Total alloué : $ 211,378

Présentation (OIT)

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