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Edible Oil Value Chain Enhancement


Titre : Edible Oil Value Chain Enhancement

Pays : Ethiopie

Identifiant : ETH/10/50/UND

Date/Durée : Start date : September 1, 2009 // End date : June 30, 2013

Ethiopia has huge potential for scaling up its production of edible oil : favorable agro-climatic conditions for increased oil seeds cultivation, the labor intensive nature of the sub-sector, conducive business environment, the willingness of the oil seed crushers to work at full capacity and the huge local demand. Despite this potential however, the edible oil processing industry remains underdeveloped. Main constraints are : low production, poor quality of seeds, inadequate trading infrastructure and poor agro-processing facilities, weak business development services for upgrading the processors and limited access to local and international markets. Weak linkages among the chain’s actors and lack of working capital also constitute major obstacles. The JP is to “enhance the sustainable supply of oil seed raw material at desired quantity and quality, promote efficient processing capacity and improve the access to markets by integrating the private sector in the entire value chain”. Total Budget : 2,999,956 USD Out of which, ILO : 782,170 USD ILO outcomes and activities : (2.6) Access to finance for processors cooperatives improved ; (2.7) Capacity of Business Development Service (BDS) providers enhanced to deliver relevant and effective services to the processors including processors cooperatives ; (2.8) OSH practice of the large processors and cooperatives strengthened ; (2.9) Processors organized to get economic of scale, representation and voice. (2.10) Processors in the informal economy upgraded to graduate into the formal economy. Activities include desk review, consultations, training, roudtable meetings and workshops, manual adaptation and development.

Partenaire (s) : Multi Partner Trust Fund Office, UNDP

Total alloué : $ 728,912

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