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Arid Environments Advanced Topic Master

Hodder Education

Titre : Arid Environments Advanced Topic Master

Auteur(s) : Lucy Cole
Publisher : Hodder Education
Date de parution : 2010
Pages : 128

Advanced TopicMasters will enhance student knowledge and understanding of demanding topics in AS/A-level geography.The texts can be read to consolidate understanding as each topic is covered in class, and referred to by students in order to complete essays and other assignments. Analysis of each topic is illustrated in full colour by case studies, photographs, charts, tables and diagrams. The case studies support general discussion and can be used to illustrate assignments and written work in the final examinations. More complex topics and explanations are included in inset boxes, and provide opportunities for more detailed study. Each Advanced Topic Master features a wide range of activities : some aim to test knowledge and understanding ; others will help students develop essential skills such as statistical analysis and hypothesis testing ; and others will encourage students to research topics further on the internet or in the library, or as the basis for fieldwork investigations and coursework.

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