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Decent Jobs for Cultural Heritage


Titre : Decent Jobs for Cultural Heritage

Pays : Jordanie

Identifiant : JOR/19/04/UNE

Date/Durée : Start date : October 1, 2020 // End date : February 20, 2023

The core competences of UNESCO and ILO come together in this proposal to ensure dignified, sustainable livelihoods and create economic opportunities for Jordanians in host communities and Syrian refugees through culture as a source of resilience. In line with governmental and international priorities and actions in response to the Syria crisis the proposed Project targets : i) on the short-term, immediate measures that promote human dignity, livelihood and social cohesion in preparation for long-term economic opportunities ; ii) on the long-term : sustainable decent work opportunities and entrepreneurial activities within an enabling policy environment in the Culture Sector. This will be achieved by engaging both Syrians and Jordanians in their respective communities in the preservation and development of cultural heritage sites for tourism purposes in the northern districts of Jordan (Irbid and Mafraq) through the use of Employment Intensive schemes for safeguarding and rehabilitation of cultural heritage sites.

Partenaire (s) : United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization

Total alloué : $ 245,682

Présentation (OIT)

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