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Better Work Jordan - Phase II


Titre : Better Work Jordan - Phase II

Pays : Jordanie

Identifiant : JOR/14/50/USA

Date/Durée : Start date:July 1, 2014 // End date:December 31, 2025

The first 5-year phase of BWJ ended in December 2013. This phase focused on project start-up, building stakeholder support for the project including encouraging factory participation, developing and implementing core services of factory assessments, factory-level remediation, and training, and strengthening social dialogue at the factory and sector-wide levels. In addition, the last two years of phase 1 introduced a number of sector level interventions in an effort to build stakeholder support for a different model of apparel production that supports long-term improvement in compliance with Jordanian labour law and international standards, while at the same time identifies a long-term strategy to strengthen the sector’s global competitiveness. The second phase of the project will transition the project from a joint ILO-IFC initiative to a Jordanian entity. By the end of Phase 2, BWJ will be wholly managed by a national entity with a significant portion of the operating costs for the delivery of core services covered by revenues generated by the entity.

Partenaire (s) : USA, United States Department of Labor, Bureau for International Labor Affairs, Office of Trade and Labor Affairs

Total alloué : $ 4,729,878

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