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Locally-led Governance : the road to legitimate and effective delivery of services


Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : Locally-led Governance : the road to legitimate and effective delivery of services

Pays/Région : Somalie

Durée : 01.11.2021 - 31.12.2022

The Somali population is facing considerable development and state building challenges, with Government institutions still very weak and fragile, particularly at the local level. With the UN Joint Programme for Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery (JPLG) as well as local peacebuilding initiatives, SDC contributes to enhanced state legitimacy, more equitable access to public service and well-being for all citizens, leading to more stability in the Horn of Africa.

Projet en bref
* Contexte : Local authorities in Somalia are struggling to raise their own finances and provide services to their citizens. In the South, there are only a few functioning district level governance structures with the majority of local governments being represented by a handful of appointed administrators in each district, none of which have meaningful resources nor capacity with which to provide services. Slow progress is being achieved through district council formation process, but resulting structures remain fledgling in nature and fragile. In the North, despite a number of districts showing increased domestic revenue collection, there is a need to promote the harmonization of legislation, policies, fiscal arrangements and inclusion of women in governance processes. Switzerland’s extensive expertise in local governance and active support to JPLG represent an important Swiss value-added. Stable governance structures help the socio-economic development of Somalia and thereby support the stabilization of the broader Horn of Africa – a geo-strategic region of global importance and key to important Swiss interests including in the area of migration and global trade.
* Objectifs  : Effective and consensus-based Local Governance anchored on local peace
* Groupes cibles  : Outcome 1 : The Sustainable Peace-building Consortium will focus on community structures and community-based organizations in Puntland, Somaliland and Galmudug. Outcome 2 : Direct partner is the federal ministry of interior who leads the decentralisation process. Ultimate target group is the population of the Federal Member States (FMS) who will benefit from improved governance systems and service delivery provided by local district authorities. Women are especially targeted for participating in dialogue and leadership.

Partenaires  : Outcome 1 : Road to Peace Consortium Puntland Development and Research Center (PDRC) is the contracting partner, with implementing partners including the Academy for Peace and Development and the Horn Centre (all three are local NGOs). Outcome 2 : UN Joint Programme on Local Governance UNDP (Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office) is the contracting partner ; implementing agencies include ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-Habitat and UNICEF.

Budget de la Suisse  : CHF 6’600’000

Présentation : Coopération Suisse

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