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CASE - Culture, Art and Social Engagement Palestinian territory


Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : CASE - Culture, Art and Social Engagement Palestinian territory

Pays/Région : Palestine

Durée : 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023

This project aims at promoting the role of people as agents of change in the occupied Palestinian territory. Culture and artistic creativity are used to enhance democratic debate, promote social inclusion and active participation of youth and women within marginalized communities and between the community and the local authorities. Local authorities will be influenced so that local development better reflects the needs of these groups.

Projet en bref
* Contexte : - Longstanding Israeli Occupation, including the blockade on Gaza and intra-Palestinian division have led to the fragmentation of the Palestinian society, economy and culture ; - Limited powers, weak legitimacy and capacities of the Palestinian Authority (PA) have i) led to increased fragility and fragmentation in the oPt, ii) have prevented sustainable economic development and effective public service delivery, iii) increased lack of trust of the population towards the PA and other duty-bearers iv) negatively impacted governance and space for democratic debates ; - Palestinian culture is also being challenged by the increasing influence of traditional and conservative elements/groups ; - Patriarchal attitudes and conservative traditions which, in turn, prevent full citizens’ participation into public affairs ; - In Gaza, the blockade - coupled with Hamas’ policies - has drastically restrained the space for a dynamic and diversified culture.
* Objectifs  : Enhanced social engagement and participation through arts and culture, especially for vulnerable groups of the population.
* Groupes cibles  : - Vulnerable communities living in 4 selected areas, 2 in the West Bank (WB) and 2 in the Gaza Strip (GS) ; - Teachers and students in 15-20 selected schools in different location in WB and the GS ; - Civic groups (youth, women, adult men) and local civil society organisations active in the above selected areas ; - Artists, and cultural organisations ; - Decision makers mainly in local government institutions : local councils and municipalities and the Ministry of Education.

Partenaires  : The Abdel Mohsen Qattan Foundation (AMQF)

Budget de la Suisse  : CHF 1’560’000

Présentation : Coopération Suisse

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