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Woody Weeds Plus (Kenya)


Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : Woody Weeds Plus (Kenya)

Pays/Région : Kenya

Durée : 01.12.2020 - 31.12.2023

Based on the research results of CABI Switzerland and the Centre for Development and Environment of the University of Berne, the Kenyan government implements the national Prosopis strategy aiming at sustainable management of this fast spreading invasive species. The Woody Weeds Plus project coaches this effort and implements a multi-stakeholder approach to address pastoralist livelihoods and to restore pastures and ecosystem services in arid and semi-arid lands.

Projet en bref
* Contexte : Invasive trees can have massive impact on biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being and present a major factor for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Prosopis, a thorny shrub or small tree native to Central America, is considered the most important invasive species in East Africa. Introduced in 1970s it is spreading fast and has severe impacts : loss of grazing land, loss of access to water, declining biodiversity, reduced soil organic carbon, reduced human and animal health, increased human-wildlife and human-human conflicts. Kenya is implementing a National Prosopis Management Strategy, contributing to achieving several targets of SDG 15. Swiss research was the basis of this strategy making Switzerland a natural partner in this endeavour. Switzerland has a major interest in contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as restoring ecosystem services.
* Objectifs  : Strengthening livelihood security and environment integrity in areas affected or threatened by Prosopis invasion in Kenya
* Groupes cibles  : - County governments and the respective Community Based Organisations that champion the implementation of the national strategy ; - The new Centre of Excellence for Prosopis management. Indirect : livelihoods of pastoralist and agro-pastoralist.

Partenaires  : Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International ; CABI Schweiz

Budget de la Suisse  : CHF 800’000

Présentation : Coopération Suisse

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