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Educate Children At Yucubka Village in Hiiran


Titre : Educate Children At Yucubka Village in Hiiran

Pays : Somalie

Date : 2019-06-10 // 2021-07-13

Education plays vital role on lifting up crisis and conflict affected populations. Bulay Development Organization (BUDO) supports vulnerable children at Yucubka village in Hiiran region of Somalia. The project will affect 250 school age children (120 girls and 130 boys) through rehabilitation and re-establishment of 8 classrooms, distribution of learning and teaching materials, and also construction of 6 gender responsive toilets with hygiene supplies and hands wash kits.

Somalia Education Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2020, shows an overall GER rate of 22.1%. Between rural and urban enrollment (only 12% of enrolled children are from rural. Only 7.4% are enrolled in government schools with the remainder in some form of private or community schools. National survival rates to Grade 5 across Somalia are 64% suggesting high drop-out rates. The gender ratio in schools is also uneven with 44% of the enrollment being girls

BUDO improves access to quality education opportunities for 250 Children at Yucubka village in Hiran region of Somalia. For that, BUDO establishes 8 child friendly classrooms with necessary teaching and learning materials that encourage enrollment and retention of children. Parents of children are trained on the importance of the education and standards of keeping children safe.

The project will educate 250 Children allowing them to complete primary education which will enable to survive from exploitation and other violations of their basic human rights. The project will train 250 Children on literacy and numeracy skills to help them participate in active learning opportunities in the future.


Budget : 6 572 USD

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