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Coding a brighter future for 15 youth in Yemen


Titre : Coding a brighter future for 15 youth in Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2019-12-02

Millions of youth in Yemen have been cut off from traditional ways of making a living due to political and economic strife. In July 2019, we opened applications for the first-ever coding bootcamp for youth in Sana’a, Yemen. We received an overwhelming response of 1000+ applications. Sadly, we only had the capacity to accept 15 students. We’re now raising funds to launch our next program. Our goal is to bridge the growing digital divide and empower youth to become leaders through technology

60% of Yemen’s workforce have lost their jobs as a result of the ongoing civil war. The World Bank reports more than 40% of households have lost their primary source of income. In 2019, the UN estimated that 24.1 million people - nearly 80% of the population - were at risk of hunger and disease. This project aims to a beacon of hope and innovation in a country seeking new opportunities.

After a successful pilot program, we saw the impact our education programs had on our students. And we don’t just mean in terms of code. Our students had a shift in perspective, a passion to positively change their communities through the use of technology. After 5-months of learning to code, graduates become part of Re:Coded Labs - a digital agency staffed by our program alumni that provides them opportunities to work on web development projects from across the world.

Across the world’s conflict zones, 75 million people are being denied both education & employment. We want to change this by bridging the education and employment divide for refugee youth. Since 2017, we’ve trained 300+ across Turkey, Yemen, and Iraq. 90% of our graduates are working as developers & have tripled their annual salaries. By connecting talent with opportunity, we empower graduates to bring change to their families and communities in Yemen and across the MENA region.

Organisation information : Re:Coded

Budget : €9,790

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