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Blankets & Winter Clothes for vulnerable families


Titre : Blankets & Winter Clothes for vulnerable families

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2018-11-27

Life in Yemen is very difficult, according to reports of UNOCHA Yemen has the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. Poverty and disease is everywhere. We are working together with your support to provide winter clothes and blankets for 100 families, classified as : poorest and most affected families of the war in Sana’a, Yemen who are unable to buy. This will also protect them from diseases caused by the cold. 214 girls and 206 boys, 143 men and 137 women will benefit from this project.

Yemen is currently witnessing a war since March 26, 2015 when KSA led military intervention against Huthies. This armed conflict has created enormous challenges in society, including high poverty. More than 20 million people suffer from extreme poverty and can’t meet the minimum requirements of daily life. As the winter approaches Yemenis face another challenge. Families are so poor that they cannot provide means of heating. Diseases appear to be associated with the cold, and may lead to death.

We seek to implement this project in order to alleviate the suffering of 100 family by providing a means of heating : blankets for parents and children, winter clothing for parents and children too.

The project will reduce the incidence of cold-related diseases for 700 people (100 families) and strengthen their resilience and make them feel warm.

Organisation information : youth for homeland (YFH)

Budget : €22,311

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